Who is Teena Hagerman?

Teena Hagerman has been working in the Assisted Living industry for over four decades. She worked side-by-side with her parents who owned 10 communities in Oregon.

She is a Licensed & Certified RCFE and ARF Administrator. She has owned facilities in both Florida and California. This has led her to be called upon frequently for her in-person consultations and hands-on site visits to assess these communities from all angles.

Teena is highly respected as a Senior Care Expert with an emphasis on hospice and dementia care across the state of California. For the past several years, Teena has been an Educator for Care and Compliance Group, Senior Community Learning, and the Alzheimer’s Association. She specializes in teaching Title 22 & Title 17 Regulations and Law to California RCFE administrators.

She was honored to be requested as a speaker for the Enloe Regional Hospice Symposium, Central Valley Caregiver Resource Center, the 6 Beds Organization, and has taught CEU classes for medical professionals from Vitas Healthcare across California, as well as for lawyers, Senior Centers and many RCFE & ARF Communities.

Teena has a love of proper Caregiving, the Law, and Seniors running through her veins. She calls these residents “Her People!”

Who is Kimberli Parenteau?

Kimberli has been self-employed as a Personal Care Consultant and Health & Nutrition Educator for more than 15 years. She was the Primary Care Advocate for her grandmother for many years, and observed what can go really right and really wrong in the land of Continued Care, especially where the marginalized populations are involved.

Concurrent with those hands-on caregiving years, she serviced her communities for over 25 years with her background of providing specialized Personal Care for individuals in various household situations and income-level environments, such as while working for Merced College, CSU Stanislaus College, and the Merced Cemetery District.

Kimberli greatly enjoys teaching others best practices and personalized care approaches. She feels it is essential for everyone to attend Classes, Conferences, and Seminars in order to keep up with the many changes that take place in laws and policies among the various Local, State and Governmental agencies. She is actively sought out as an End-of-Life Trustee, Care Advocate, and Business Agent for both Financial and Physical Care needs and concerns.

These life lessons were a driving force for Kimberli to desire to change the status quo in the many facets of Personal Care. Following through on that commitment, she became a Licensed & Certified RCFE Administrator to help make a difference in the lives of others. She has been Blessed to improve the Quality of Care in the daily lives of many clients and their family members.

She loves helping people to make Good Choices during Care Challenges for themselves and others. She likes to say that “Proper Self-Care & Senior Care are her JAM!!”