Who are Assisted Care Educators?

We are consultants and educators for Assisted Care Communities in California. We travel all over the state to educate and inspire administrators, staff members, and licensees. In addition, we offer assistance with their plans of operations, correcting current and potential deficiencies for the state, and helping with staff-related conflicts and scheduling issues.

What is our vision and plan for the future?

After traveling, teaching, and consulting in these communities together, Teena Hagerman and Kimberli Parenteau partnered to create Assisted Care Educators in 2020. Witnessing firsthand a lack of knowledge and passion in the industry, we set out to provide information and inspiration with engaging classes and instructors that are fun, powerful, and relevant to the needs of the staff, residents, and their household members. Our passion is to Educate and Motivate those who care for the most vulnerable residents in our nation!!!

As Hands-On Consultants we aim to leave no stone unturned, especially when it comes to compliance and protection for those who own and operate RCFE & ARF Communities. This team is here to rattle your cages and slam shut the door of liability! We do not just pretend to know what we are doing in Assisted Care we live, sleep, and breathe it! We look forward to working with you to make a difference.

“Creating Change in the Personal Care Industry is Our Passion!!!”

Teena Hagerman & Kimberli Parenteau